The Milky Way Under Our Hands

The Milky Way Under Our Hands is a long-term research project, through which I want to learn how to move from fascia, the body's connective tissue. My interest lies in the detailed physical work, as well as the specific realm of imagination it opens up. Rather than wanting to reproduce scientific knowledge or textbook anatomy, I'd like to assume that I can gain valuable insight by departing from the body and the sensations it holds in itself. By designing different exercices I explore fascia in its depth quite literally: The superficial fascia just under the skin, the deeper fascia around different organs, the inner and outer fascia of the bones, etc. Over time I have found myself develop a verbal framework that allows me to observe, communicate and reframe my experiences. This poetics of fascia holds the potential to abolish the divide between the "felt" and "imagined". It's moving on a a very fine line between dance, fiction and scientific research and challenges the separation between body and mind.

I have taught workshops and classes based on this research in different contexts and am on the lookout for more teaching opportunities. If you are interested in organizing a workshop or class, I warmly invite you to contact me.

involved people
Tessa Broadby, Lisa Milloy
Nick Walters, Fanny Kivimäki
Marcella Steen, Maria Carlsson
Anders T. Carlsson, Anna Lena Lehr

involved places
Ponderosa/Stolzenhagen (DE)
Tanzhaus Zürich (CH)
Tanzfabrik Berlin (DE)
Danscentrum Väst Göteborg (SWE)

Breathing helps. Pause, if you get stuck.
Unpleasantness is welcome. Keep letting go.
Take your time. It's all information. Unwind.
Continue in the same direction. No projection,
no hesitation, no reconsideration. Gather
before losing each other.