Tabea Xenia Magyar is a Swiss choreographer, performer and poet with a a background in Philosophy, Political Science and French Literature. In 2015 she graduated from the Inter-University Dance Centre Berlin and is since then based in Berlin and Zurich.
She is also a founding member of the performance collective BlingBlingRecycling and the poetry collective G13. For more information on the collectives go to BlingBlingRecycling Collective and G13.

Artistic Statement

Out of an on-going concern for the question of how artistic practice can be shared with others, Magyar puts an emphasis on creating the contexts in which she develops her work. Her point of departure is the search for intimacy as the promise of the possibility of solidarity. The creation of situations of vulnerability, the promise of universality through radical subjectivity, discreet political commitment and an attentiveness to performance as an audience experience are ideas which play a central role in her work. Her pieces are characterised by subtle offerings of complex thinking and a profound interest in the craft of dance-making and the materiality of the body. Much of her dance works are also based on drawings and written material. As somebody who is continually transgressing the boundaries of artistic and academic disciplines, she has a broad understanding of choreography as an attentiveness for the experience of the body in space.