Solid Comes From Solitude

How do the unmaimed bodies on stage relate to disfigurations of another skin from another time? - Tabea Magyar's research sets out to examine this question by looking at what is unstable in the body's figurality. She carefully sounds out the fragile space between images, a border along which the body reveals its background as a biological mass and recognizable figures are transformed back into mere form.
From the distorted bodies and body-knots living forms and vibrating surfaces arise, ready to receive the echo of different times, surfaces and skin.

Choreography: Tabea Xenia Magyar
Performance: Anna Fitoussi,
Carrie McILwain, Julia Plawgo
Costume: Patrycja Piwosz
Scenography: Luca Kempenar
Outside-Eye: Nir Vidan
Photography: Tabea Xenia Magyar