Concept Album

Concept Album is the result of a collaboration between Tabea Xenia Magyar, choreographer Käthe Kopf and composer Felipe Waller. The piece was commissioned by the Haus für Poesie Berlin and the Kammerensemble für Neue Musik Berlin and presented in the context of the project 3 d poetry which aims at bringing together dance, poetry and new music.

Together Käthe Kopf, Tabea Xenia Magyar and Felipe Wallner are Toujours Prêtes. From the moment they met, it has been their mission to rekindle and revolt. The tumultuous collective spends most of its time taking time together. 50 years after their debut, Toujours Pretês are now back with their latest Concept Album that promises a newfound eclecticism. For some this will feel like resistance; for others, existence. In truth, it is a bit of both. Part feminist intellectuals, part Scandinavian dreamers, Toujours Prêtes live in a world littered with juxtapositions. Discreet, unrepentant and able to reshape the space around them as a temporary autonomous zone, Toujours Prêtes inhabit the songs on their second album like a tempest of moving sharks. Noise can be overrated when artists are able to communicate as loudly as Toujours Prêtes do with words. Whatever you think of their poetic style, Toujours Prêtes are the contemporary godmother of insular poetry in Berlin.

Concept, Choreography & Performance: Tabea Xenia Magyar, Käthe Kopf
Text: Tabea Xenia Magyar, Käthe Kopf
Music: Felipe Waller
Dramaturgical assistance: Ela Elshany
Light: Martin Pilz
Costume: Lilli Thießen
Photography: Dieter Hartwig