How is a body that has the capacity to speak different from a mute body? Can we imagine a relationship between speech and movement based on something else than mimesis? - The performance experiments with poetic speech and the power dynamics implied in it. Together, Nowicka and Magyar are moving through a post-apocalyptic scenery where processes of becoming-able and becoming-similar are at work and precise textual imaginery is constantly diffused by simulated creaturliness, feminist cyborgs and fake affect.

If you would like to see a recording of rust, please send me an email and I will provide you with the link and password.

rust has originally been developed in the frame of the project "Bewegungsschreiber" conducted by Ingo Reulecke and was presented in Berlin in 2012. A video of this earlier version can be found here.

Performance & Choreography :
Anna Nowicka, Tabea Xenia Magyar
Text & Sound: Tabea Xenia Magyar
Costume: Anna Nowicka, Tabea Magyar
Voice-Coaching: Eva Mirjam Spaeth
Outside-Eye: Gabriela Ela Daedelow
Translation: Joel Scott
Photography: Patrycja PÅ‚atnik