Topography Of My Unfinishednesses

The intimiate solo has originally been developed from an installation. In the working process the body cristallized as the only relevant thing among all of the objects that were part of the installation which was built from all the things the choreographer considered unfinished in her life.
The resulting performance is is situated between clear formal aesthetic choices and a ritual. It presents an archetypical body caught in the tension between breath, movement and voice, between duration and intensity. A body that shifts through repetition and lets the mind oscillate among possible meanings, evoking a multitude of imaginary presences.

Choreography & Performance: Tabea Xenia Magyar
Outside Eye: Gabriela Daedelow, Sheena McGrandles
Mentoring: Maria Francesca Scaroni
Voice-Coaching: Christiane Hommelsheim,
Johanna Peine