The lecture performance 1+1 is based on a daily practice. For over a year, Magyar made one poem and one drawing, every day. To be entirely accurate, there were missing days, but the practice was structured around this basic dedication, this obligation. Like any other minor technology of the care of the self, a space had to be found for it every day. So the form of the life deforms the work, its aesthetics. Writing and drawing are wedged into small holes in the day, gaps that scarcely exist and offer only the most awkward refuge. The last few minutes before sleep, between a lover waking/leaving and eating, between rehearsal and class. Working in this way as a means of finding a way to work at all means accepting, at times, a certain artlessness. A kind of anti-poetry. Yet somehow the scene possesses a luxuriant intimacy.

The lecture performance is a special journey, which impressively shepherds us into a world of its own. The artist welcomes us in an empty room. From a folder she takes drawings and carefully starts laying them out one by one on the floor. From the speakers we hear her voice, thoughts on everyday life, discipline, activity and productivity. Gradually, the space is being transformed by the drawings, which take up more and more space and the audience becomes a protagonist in the performance. Through her way of narrating the artist leads a way that each of us can travel individually, and creates an intimate space for (self-)reflection.

Choreography & Performance: Tabea Xenia Magyar
Sound, text, drawings: Tabea Xenia Magyar
Outside-Eye: Litò Walkey
Mentoring: Jasna Layes-Vinovrski
Photography: Mario Steigerwalder & Ella Mae Paul

Description borrowed from the publication:
ArtiChoke#6 by Joel Scott & Lotto Thiessen
& from Lena Szirmay-Kalos